Help us Grow, and we will grow your Bank Account

Do you want to receive ongoing monthly income from Global Love? We are so serious about creating an International Multi Everything Dating Website, that we are will to put our money where our mouth is.

As the advertising will stretch socially through the usual media outlets, Global Love is aware that the best type of advertising is “Word of Mouth”, and we are will willing to pay for it.

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How it works

You’ll be paid $1AUD per signup

As you are aware, some countries pay, and some lucky ones don’t, so you will be paid $1AUD per signup of a paying member (ongoing if they renew), and $1 per 5 signups of a non paying member (ongoing if they renew).

Special ID and Merchandise will be given

Once you signup as an agent, you will be emailed your special ID that you give the new members. They must include this in their signup process in order for you to start earning money with GlobalLove. After you have 100 registrations under your ID, you will be sent T-shirt, mousepad, and mask